January 4

Loggins and Messina. WTF. I’ve gone most of my life associating Kenny Loggins with “Danger Zone” and Messina with Poco…

When was it? I have no idea, but at some point within the past year or so I heard a few Loggins and Messina songs that made me reconsider.

The first had to be “Danny’s Song”:

Written for Kenny’s brother, this song, for whatever reason, brings me to tears 99% of the time (maybe only when pisces/virgo rising). “Angry Eyes”, heard in traffic on XM was a great relief one summer day in 2014 and many of the “jammy” tracks on their studio albums keep me reaching for the “11” knob.

Since my wife picked up the “Sittin In” record for me for my 49th, I’ve managed to score all 5 of their other studio albums at used record stores/thrift stores since August. My latest was the “So Fine” album of 50s 60s cover songs.


I got this LP in trade at the local used record store “4000 Holes” (https://www.facebook.com/Bob4000Angel)

Although this album was “recorded live” it was mixed down into a really fun record! All the songs were recognizable and upbeat… great for a dance party! The standout tracks were Hank’s “Hey Good Lookin'” where the 2nd harmony takes the lead vocal and several of the other tracks which were mixed with headphone wearers (or acid droppers) in mind.

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