January 1

My wife’s birthday is January 1st. For NYE leading into 2015 we decided to make it a night on the town… the Fabulous Thunderbirds were playing a show in town. $25 tickets with a “champagne toast” at midnight! I had been wanting to see the T-Birds since the song “Tough Enough” came out in 1986. After a nice dinner with friends and dancing to a 90 minute set from the T-Birds, a few friends came back to the house for a little after party.

My wife and I had recently began to haunt the local record stores to search for decent vinyl specimens to play on our downstairs stereo. In the “New Arrivals” (or the discount bin, depending on who you happen to ask) at a record/stereo store here in Spokane called “Groove Merchants”, my wife found a 9 out of 10 copy of “Xanadu”, featuring an “A” side of Olivia Newton-John and a “B” side of mostly the Electric Light Orchestra (E.L.O.).


One of our post party guests was intrigued by this find so… my first vinyl experience of 2015 was “Xanadu”! The record played really well, like it had never been played before… like new! No surprise, really. Who’d actually listen to Xanadu?!? Actually, the songs on this record were very good, in a “Oh! I remember this!” kind of way. I’d never seen the movie “Xanadu”, but it is sure to be tops in my Netflix cue ASAP.

ON-J and ELO…

We also listened to Heart, Merle Haggard, and Gerry Rafferty, but I’ll save those for another day.

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