January 2

So, owing to the debaucheries of NYE, the day of Jan. 1 was pretty… mellow. Jan. 2 offered a fresh start! It was a Friday and I had the day off due to a scheduled workday Jan. 3-4. Having some time to myself in the morning I elected to do some much needed maintenance on a couple of Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs discs I scrounged… Gino Vannelli’s “Powerful People” and Earl Klugh’s “Finger Paintings”.

I had snagged these LPs at a local thrift store (I’ll by any “original master” from Mobile Fidelity I find). In this case, both the Vannelli and Klugh records were in good shape. I cleaned the vinyl with my “secret sauce” (psst, Dawn, distilled water and isopropyl alcohol) to get the stank of the previous owners off and racked them up!

The Vannelli LP went on first. In case you are wondering, he’s famous for the song “I Just Wanna Stop”.

Unfortunately, “Powerful People” had none of the recognizable schlock I was looking forward to. The LP sounded great (ala. MFSL) but the content was… awful.

On to the Klugh! What a treat! I’m a sucker for finger-style guitar anyway, but, having this MFSL gem (price $.59) on my turntable was a gift from above! I was especially thrilled with the cover of Orleans “Dance With Me”:

finger paintings

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