January 3

So, I have to work today. My shift begins at 10 AM and runs to 6PM. After the normal alarm, three “S”, and some coffee, I head down for some “vinyl meditation” before work.`

I have really enjoyed these mornings. I get up an hour before i “need” to and go through my normal routine. If all goes well I end up with an hour to head down to the turntable and pick some random album to “turn on some music, to start my day – Boston”. It’s not like I skip the news (they just repeat every hour on NPR), or miss something important on Twitter or Facebook (Candy Crush!), I just plop the record down on the turntable, wipe it off and drop the needle…

This AM was a disc I picked up recently at Groove Merchants, Rickie Lee Jones first and self titled album:


This 1979 release featured the hit “Chuck E’s In Love”, which starts off side 1. After that the album is a tour de force of everything I like about vinyl… jazzy riffs, plenty of space around singer and instruments… room to breathe.. think.

This holds through the albums side “A” and the first song of side “B”… then it all falls apart! Beginning with “Coolsville” on side B, a more self indulgent RLJ emerges that seems to be more concerned with making some artistic statement than with making music. IMHO, but there it is.

Still, RLJ is one of my favorite artists and this album is one of my faves as well (Dr. John, Randy Newman, Michael MacDonald, what’s not to like?)

I hope to find “Flying Cowboys”, “Ghostyhead” and “Pirates” on vinyl someday, but for now, I’m rootin’ for Chuck E.!

(PS…P.L.P. = personal leaning post, for what it’s worth)

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