January 6

1967, the summer of love. I turned 2. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was the soundtrack and I missed the whole thing. The Beatles also released another album in late 1967, an EP in the UK and an LP in the US, songs and singles from an hour long television movie called Magical Mystery Tour. 

The movie was broadcast on Boxing day 1967 and the album went to #1 in the US 11 days later on January 6, 1968. MMT bounced my favorite Monkees album, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. out of the #1 spot and and held the top spot for 8 weeks.

Now, I never had a chance to hang around Haight-Ashbury, attend a “Love In”, a “Sit In” or any other kind of “In”. Never got to tune in or drop out. But I can imagine those people in those place in that era and how exciting and stimulating it must have been to be hear this music for the first time. (probably on vinyl)

I picked up my copy of Magical Mystery Tour some time ago at a record store called Penny Lane in Lewiston, Idaho. It was a brand new shiny Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs “Original Master”. I took it straight over to a friends house and recorded it onto a new cassette tape. I then put the vinyl back into it’s protective “Rice Paper” sleeve, and put the whole LP into a protective cover.

There it has stayed, silent, for all these years… until today. To mark the 46th anniversary of Magical Mystery Tour reaching #1 in the US, I’m gonna listen to it! Roll Up! – Roll up for the Mystery Tour!


The first thing you notice when playing a pristine MoFi record is… nothing. No hiss, no pop, no crackle… nothing. I almost had to check to be sure my amp was on when BOOM! “Step Right This Way!”


Until you try one of these things yourself, you can’t believe that it makes such a difference. Everything on the record sounds… true. The track that best exemplified this was the song “Strawberry Fields Forever”, the soundstage was broad, the channels separate, and the  string bits toward the end were unbelievably accurate. It felt like there was a cello player sitting on top of my left speaker!

Unfortunately, this means that 6 days into my vinyl journey, I’ve played 3/4 of my MoFi recordings. I may have to remedy that soon!


2 thoughts on “January 6

  1. I can’t believe the discipline of NOT listening to that record right away! Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.


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