January 9

I nabbed this bit on Steve Forbert from a popmatters review by Jerrick Adams…

“The ‘new Dylan’ mantle is probably the most damning comparison in pop music. It inspires almost immediate skepticism, and it saddles the anointed with an impossible burden. After all, Dylan never went away and he hasn’t yet (and the way things have been going lately, he never will—have you heard Tempest?). To boot, it’s a lazy signifier. When critics or publicists break it out, they invariably mean only that the so-called “new Dylan” has an unusual voice, nebulous folkie leanings, a certain way with words, or all of the above.”

Ain’t that the truth! Well, I would disagree slightly, ‘new Beatles’ would probably be more damning…

Anyway, until I played my newest thrift store acquisition, Steve Forbert’s Jackrabbit Slim I really didn’t have any idea who Steve Forbert was! Then the opening bars of Romeo’s Tune sparkled out of the JBLs and I had that “oh yeah” moment. Why did I by an album I was unfamiliar with? We’ll, #1, the album cover caught my eye. The dude with the guitar cover reminded me of an Elvis Costello or a Bruce Springsteen cover and I was compelled. #2, the LP itself was in pretty good shape, about an 8 of 10. #3, it came with a small 33 1/3 single of a song called Oil Song, and those kind of promotional only things must be rare (right?). #4, it was $0.59.


So, there you have it, it was cheap and I bought it, story of my life.

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