January 10

10 days in and I guess it is time to introduce my equipment.

Turntable: Denon DP-62L Direct Drive

Mine was a thrift store find from Chewelah, WA. At $50, even with some cosmetic blemishes, and equipped with an AT92 cart w/ a broken stylus, I think it was a steal! It does have a few issues, the auto tonearm lift works fine, but needs some assistance to go back down. I only have the “S” tonearm an a single weight from the weight set, and someone has drilled out the weight to lighten it. All in all, I cleaned it up, set the cart up, plugged it in and put it to use.

I have to say, the difference between the sound of this TT straight out of the thrift store and the mangled JVC I was replacing was startling.

Cartridge: Audio-Technica AT95E

After finding the Denon, I relied on advice from various blogs (AudioKarma, Vinyl Engine, etc) as to what cartridge I should use. The AT95E kept getting good mention in the budget department. Since I wasn’t even sure the Denon would play, I opted for the cheap and easy route. The thing was on sale at Amazon for $40 (heck, a replacement stylus for the AT92 was almost $30), so my whole set up was under $100.

Power: Sony Receiver

I picked this little 22W receiver up for $30 at the local Public Radio fundraiser. I plan on using it as a placeholder until I manage to rearrange some of my other equipment. The plan, as of now is to eventually move my Electrostatic Sound Systems (ESS) power amp and Sonic Frontiers Anthem Pre 1 into its place.

The reasoning for this is that the Anthem is a tube preamp and has a killer phono stage. The amp I bought from a high school friend who had it passed down from his father (3rd owner!). The Preamp I bought new from Rocky Mountain Hi-Fi in Great Falls, Montana.

Speakers: JBL L77 “Lancer”

These were a Father’s Day present from the cat. I love JBL speakers! These have a 2-inch direct radiator high frequency transducer and one LE10A woofer. The second “woofer” is a 10-inch passive radiator. Rated at 30 watts, the ESSs 250 watts per channel should drive these just fine…

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