January 11

I am a lucky man.

For many reasons, but in the context of this blog, because my wife has now caught the vinyl “bug”.


I know she had her fair share of pre-teen musical memories with her parents vinyl/cassette/reel-to-reel(?) collection. But, until recently, I can’t recall her ever buying a vinyl LP for herself.

Last Friday we made a quick stop to The Long Ear, a record store in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. As I thumbed my way through the used vinyl, she followed close behind culling the “gems” that I had somehow overlooked, exclaiming “What! How could you pass over the soundtrack to Staying Alive?!?”. Oh jeez…

In the end, here’s what she ended up with:


A barely used record club copy copy of In the Heart of the Young, the 1990 sophomore release from Winger and a scuffed but very playable copy of the Miami Vice soundtrack.

This is not typically the type of music I would buy on vinyl. My tastes trend more towards records that foster contemplative and active listening, or as my wife calls it “sleepy time music”.

What I’ve begun to learn (or maybe, re-learn?) is that music is for sharing. We’ve become very isolated in our music. We’ve abandoned the record store for a cyber-store, we’ve reduced albums to tracks, we’ve compressed the tracks down to 128 kbps files and shoehorned as many of them as possible onto a device with a cheap digital to analog converter and we blare this file of 1s and 0s into our ears with horrible sounding earbuds.

So, you can keep your earbuds, I’ll take my wife’s interpretative dance to Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight to “our” new Miami Vice soundtrack any day!

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