January 14

Short and sweet. Sometimes, you pick a vinyl LP out of a box at a thrift store and say to yourself, “Hey, I like that one song, I wonder what the rest of the album is like?”. That’s what happened here.

It’s by the band 10cc, from their 1978 album, Bloody Tourists. Although the song peaked at #44 on the U.S. charts it was a #1 single in the U.K.

I love this song. The bouncy faux reggae beat is an instant ear worm for me, and I can spend hours humming or whistling the tune until the ear worm moves on to its next victim. Unfortunately, the rest of the album made me want to go and find something else to do.


I’m sure to somebody somewhere out there this is their favorite album by their favorite band. That’s cool, it just was not for me today. I respect 10cc (geez, the bass player Graham Gouldman wrote some hit songs for the likes of the Yardbirds, the Hollies and Herman’s Hermits for crying out loud) and hope to revisit the other eleven songs on this record another time. Until then, your ear worm awaits!

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