January 16

The loudest concert I have ever been to was…

Huey Lewis and the News.

Yup, it was 1986. I was stationed at McChord AFB it Tacoma, Wa. My buddy, Roose, was a big HLATN fan, the Tower of Power Horn Section was with them, we HAD to go to this show. I remember that horn section, amplified, was almost enough to cut you in two!

The opening band for that HLATN show was Bruce Hornsby and the Range.


The week prior to the show, their song The Way It Is peaked at #1 on the U.S. Billboard charts. The band was low key, almost bashful when it was announced that they were the #1 band in the land, but the crowd wasn’t, we exploded into a roar when the announcement was made.

Dig that rat-tail!

The album also scored a 2nd #1 with Mandolin Rain in 1987.

I thought this record was fantastic, so when one of our local record stores had a clean looking copy for $6 I brought it home. It is still a great sounding record although, having recently heard some stripped down arrangements of these songs (plus others from his subsequent albums) made listening to the original seem somewhat overproduced.

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