January 17

Everyone has a favorite band.

For my wife, that means Queensryche.


As the story was recounted to me, there was a car with some older boys in some random parking lot in Great Falls blaring music out of an undoubtedly cheap stereo when she was snagged… “Whoa, what IS that?!?” She’s been a fan ever since.

My first experience with the band was riding in the passenger seat of a friend’s 1989 Ford Probe with him blasting me with their hit Silent Lucidity… “Just listen to his VOICE!!”

I hated it! It was overplayed on the radio and MTV and I just wanted to retreat into the safety of my Led Zeppelin and Beatles.

After 20+ years, she’s finally convinced me. Tonight we’ll see our 4th Queensryche show at the Clearwater River Casino.


One of the best things about sharing this 365 days of vinyl with my wife is, she’s gotten into record collecting too. One of her recent scores was the original EP from Queensryche just called Queensryche.


Issued on 206 Records in 1983, it contained 4 songs, “Queen of the Reich”, “Nightrider”, “Blinded” and “The Lady Wore Black”. Her copy of this EP was lovingly worn by the previous owners, but the cover has seen better days.


Even so, my wife loves this band and I love them because of her.

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