January 21

I’m not much of a jazz guy. I have a few jazz records, most notably a cover-less, sleeveless copy of Miles Davis – Kind of Blue.

One of me new RRR acquisitions, the Oscar Peterson Trio – Another Day. Now, I had heard the name Oscar Peterson, but was wholly unfamiliar with his music. I was pleasantly surprised! The album, Another Day was released in 1970.

This would have been the perfect time for Oscar Peterson to delve into fusion-jazz or funk-fusion or some other such nonsense. Instead, this was a pure bebop style album that was entertaining, engaging and fun to listen to! It was not challenging, Ala Miles Davis of that era and later.

Although the Oscar Peterson Trio, for this record, lacked some of the marquee players of albums Pass(ed) (pun intended), it is still a solid, fun and inimitably listenable LP.

As an afterthought, the Another Day record was released on the label MPS Records, a German label with focus on jazz, “Musik Produktion Schwarzwald”…cool. From Wikipedia, “The hallmarks of MPS releases were the high quality of the recordings (some of the production was undertaken in the private atmosphere of label founder Brunner-Schwer’s living room), the attractive design of the sleeves, and the detail of information about artists, instruments and performances. Some of these recordings have since been republished on CD.”

So, was this MPS Records recording a keeper? Maybe. If I can get a goodly price for record store credit (RSC$) I’ll take it… my jazz tastes just run too shallow to keep too much of this stuff lying around fallow.. best to offer it up to a real aficionado for their enjoyment.

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