January 25

“Where have I heard that song before?” Don’t you just hate that. You hear a tune or a snippet and it trigger some memory, but you just can’t put you finger on it…

I had that feeling when listening to yet another record liberated from RRR Auction/Estate. It was just called Deodato 2. The vinyl looked clean and the gatefold album cover was pristine. I cued it up, dimmed the lights and gave it a spin.

On yet another record label I am unfamiliar with, Creed Taylor Incorporated (CTI) Records, this LP has five songs total, three on side A (including a killer interpenetration of Nights in White Satin) and two on side B with a listing for Rhapsody in Blue.

From the first track, I could tell there was something off. Unfortunately, this record had been played with a damaged stylus at sometime in its life, and had a pronounced sibilance running through each song. What a shame! The sound from the record was big, bold and fun!

But side B was the WTF side. Track 1 was called Super Strut and track 2 was the aforementioned Rhapsody in Blue. It turns out the Super Strut was used in Grand Theft Auto – Vice City (my only XBox game) and Rhapsody in Blue  was used in early 1970s Pontiac commercials. Go figure.

I’ll definitely be looking for a replacement copy of this LP.

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