February 2

I had a chance to listen to a recent thrift store find this morning, Toulouse Street, the second studio album by The Doobie Brothers.

This was a $1.00 find at an area antique/thrift store. I had pretty low expectations when I went in the place… it was a little too “nice” to be a proper thrift store. The clerk pointed me towards the back where there were 4 sad little cardboard boxes of vinyl records on the floor. “$2.00 apiece” the clerk said, “but, if you buy 10 or more they’re only $1.00 apiece.”

I’d never heard of that deal before. I figured I might be able to find one or two out of this small lot, but 10 would be a stretch. I was pleasantly surprised! These boxes seemed to be mostly rock/pop from the 70’s and 80’s… very little country/show tune/101 Strings type stuff. I figure most of these records were somebody’s collection and the store owner had merged some other odd records into this mix. Everything seemed to be in really good condition.

There were a couple of Loggins & Messina I had been looking for, a clean Sade – Diamond Life I wanted to replace a beat up copy I had, some Bonnie Raitt… Actually, Toulouse Street was the last record I picked… it ended up being the magic number 10 so I got the good price.

I’ve been a The Doobie Brothers fan since I bought their greatest hits album on a family trip to Portland in 1976. Back in those days we had a J.C.Penney-ish all in one stereo thingy. We must have had both speakers plugged into the right side speaker outputs because the great songs off of Toulouse Street sounded way better than I remember.

This is vintage Hell’s Angles The Doobie Brothers, not the blue-eyed soul Michael McDonald era… Listen to the Music, Rockin’ Down the Highway, Jesus Is Just Alright The Doobie Brothers!

Don’t get me wrong, I like the later stuff too, and when I find Takin’ It to the Streets or Minute by Minute in that thrift store, I’ll bring that home too!

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