February 5

I like to say that I’ve got the greatest K-tel record collection in the world. Well, the greatest K-tel and Ronco record collection in the world. You know, those “as advertised on T.V.” compilations of “20 Original Hits! 20 Original Stars!” records?


I’ve got over 60. I’m sure someone somewhere has more, but, until I see proof, I’m sticking to my story.

My collection started as a joke. In the 90s you could have all of these things you wanted at any thrift store for a song. I gathered a few to use on a Saturday afternoon radio show I hosted. It was a lark, but people started calling in to the station saying how much fun they were having listening to Hot Chocolate doing I Believe in Miracles and Donna Summer doing Bad Girls while working in the garden or cleaning house.

I collected more and more until the DJ gig played itself out…

Recently, I was in the record store Groove Merchants with my wife. She found several K-tel records that were like brand new. I was sure I already had these albums, but, these she found were pristine. The price was right so we brought them home to replace the banged up copies I owned. Later, I was in another thrift store and came across a seemingly mint copy of the K-tel release Rebel Rouser, an all instrumental 20 song (natch) compilation of 50s and 60s guitar/surf songs. I passed…

“I got enough of this crap!” I told myself. When I told my wife about the pass she was a little disappointed, “You can’t tell people the you have the greatest K-tel record collection in the world if you pass up good copies of ones you don’t have!”, she reasoned.

I love that girl!

As expected, the LP was still there when I made it back to that same thrift store. I laid down my $1.00 and now can say, with confidence, that I have the greatest K-tel record collection in the world!

Now I just need a DJ gig to share the wealth with the world…

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