February 9

I’m a Donna Summer fan, so sue me! Revoke my Man card, I don’t care!

There, I admitted it to the world. But, you have to understand, Donna Summer was everywhere when I was a kid, on the radio, the TV, in cool movies…

She was so, classy!

One of my first records was a Donna Summer 45 – Love to Love You Baby, given to me in a stack of other outcasts by a DJ at a local radio station. I can still remember not, um, understanding what exactly was being portrayed on that single… but I knew it freaked out my mom so it had to be something cool.

Other than the radio Summer stared in the movie Thank God It’s Friday which got stuck in heavy rotation on early HBO. I must have seen that move a dozen times and would always root for “Nicole” and get my own stage fright when she got her break.

I have to also admit that I lost interest in Summer’s music after the end of the disco era. It was many years later when I found a cheap, used Casablanca Records CD with several Summer tracks on it. I was doing sound for some bar bands at the time and slipped some disco into the filler music at set breaks where I Feel Love was a sure hit.

Another recent thrift store find was my copy of Donna Summer – On the Radio: Greatest Hits Volumes I & II:

This not too deep 1979 look back at Summer’s career also contained the new song On the Radio and a duet with Barbra Streisand called No More Tears. All in all it is a good overview of why I liked Donna Summer in the first place, continuous dance mixes and all.

I’d still like to find some of her older records to dig a little deeper.

One thought on “February 9

  1. I like the breakdown in the club mix of Love to Love You. Find the 16 minute version on Spotify or some-such and FF to about 3:45.


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