February 12

In my latest attempt at jazz fusion, I’ve taken some advice from a friend in the know and picked up the 1974 album Crosswinds from drummer Billy Cobham.

Now we’re getting somewhere. Most of the jazz fusion I’ve been subjected to seems to have been either the noodley variety or chocked full of goofy instruments… or both! Here we have an example that is more straight forward and approachable.

Cobham, as the drummer and bandleader, does one thing that I was not expecting… dynamics! Several times he takes the music down to a whisper only to let it explode full force anew. Unfortunately, these dynamics show off the weakness of the thrift store LP to the point of distraction… hidden pops and clicks on a song like Flash Flood become the most prominent member of the band in Savannah The Serene.

Finding Crosswinds does give me hope that I’m not the philistine that I’ve been accused of. The quest continues.

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