February 14

I didn’t see the movie No Small Affair in a regular movie theater. It may have been in one of those lonely, single Airmen showings at a USAF rec center… or there may have been a VHS tape involved. In either case, Demi Moore’s voice made an impression on me.

Specifically the song My Funny Valentine made an impression on me. So much so that I went out and bought the soundtrack! Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the voice that sent shivers up my spine was not Demi Moore but someone named Chrissy Faith.

Those bastards!

No mater, the B side of the soundtrack had songs by Twisted Sister, Zebra (one of my favorite bands of the day) and Malcom McLaren… how could I go wrong? There were a couple 80s movie schlock songs by Chrissy Faith included, but My Funny Valentine was the true standout.

Here’s a video of Chaka Kahn performing My Funny Valentine, and check out Melvin Davis on seven string bass! Happy Valentine’s Day, enjoy!

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