February 15

I thought the late 70s song Every Kind Of People was sung by Boz Skaggs (I got a copy of Silk Degrees for a birthday present in 1976 and listened to the crap out of it!). Sounded like Boz Skaggs to me. Turns out that it wasn’t Boz, but some dude named Robert Palmer.

A few years later I saw a broadcast of some Duran Duran concert that Palmer opened. I didn’t know it then but it turns out that I’m a sucker for so called “Blue Eyed Soul”. Duran Duran didn’t do anything for me, but this Palmer guy… I gotta check him out!

At some point after that I found myself in Spokane, in a used record store called Little Nell’s. Used record stores in my hometown were few and far between, so this was heaven for me. I found a gently used copy of Palmer’s third solo record Some People Can Do What They Like. Although I didn’t know any of the songs on the record, I judged this book by its cover (Palmer playing strip poker in the grass with a beautiful women while a taxi waits nearby). This guy was the epitome of cool and I had to hear this record.

I really like this LP. Palmer’s voice has just enough grit to let you know he’s not phoning in the performance and the production feels live to tape, not too overproduced like some of his later stuff seems to be.

The real surprise (to me anyway) is how funky some of these tracks are… timbales, steel pans and the works. The stand out track is Lowel George’s Spanish Moon, but the one song I can’t shake out of my head is the novelty tune Man Smart, Woman Smarter.

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