February 17

I first heard Rush on a high school lunch break in the spring of 1981. Massive powered, subwoofered, digital driven car stereos were science fiction in that era. The best you could hope for were a pair of 6×9 Jensen Triaxials on the rear deck of your high school hot rod.

Someone figured out that, if you could sneak your older brother’s tower stereo speakers out of his room, you could hook these up in place of your Jensen’s and rock the school parking lot until your battery went dead.

high school

This gave the smokers, the stoners, the jocks and the honor students something in common… the love of rock & roll and hacky sack!

We listened to Rush and played hacky sack every afternoon in 1981. A better physical education program could not have been invented. I believe that if our P.E. class would have consisted of whatever bogus “sport” out P.E. teacher cooked up out of thin air had been accompanied by a soundtrack of Rush, my class would have produced gold medalists in that sport for the U.S.A.!

Maybe that is the explanation for the X Games?

Anyway, my vinyl Rush collection consists of one severely beat up, original, copy of Moving Pictures. A recent trip to the local record store Groove Merchants netted the three LP Archives collection. This includes their first album Rush, their second Fly By Night and their third Caress Of Steel.

Having the day off meant I could finally devote the time to actually listen to the thing. All I can say is these records transport me back to those simple spring afternoons when my only worry was kicking a little leather pouch of plastic beads again, and again… and getting the brothers speakers back in his room without getting caught!

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