February 19

I used to think Richard Simmons and Leo Sayer were the same dude.


You’ll forgive my mistake, no?

I don’t have any Richard Simmons albums, but I do have a couple Leo Sayer albums (thanks to a recent delivery), 1977s Thunder in my Heart and 1979s Here.

These were both post super-hit You Make Me feel Like Dancing Leo Sayer, which came out in 1976. Thunder in my Heart was the super-hits follow up and sticks to the disco vibe, high falsetto formula of the Endless Flight record. But Here reaches back the more soulful, vaudevillian or rhythm and blues style of Sayer’s pre-disco hits like Long Tall Glasses and The Show Must Go On.

Will they be frequent guests on the turntable? After one listen I would say Here would be more so than Thunder in my Heart… but both were solid and entertaining records. I guess that is one thing I have been learning by thrifting for records, for a buck a throw I can afford to check out some of the more obscure releases from artists like Leo Sayer. I mean, he didn’t have 19 major label releases, 4 silver records, 5 gold records and one platinum record for nothing!

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