February 20

I’ve been trying to shake a cold all week. Today, I threw in the towel and took a sick day. Now I’m flipping through my records trying to find something that fits my mood… Straight up rock? No. Funky or soulful? Nope. Contemplative singer/songwriter? Na. Latin? Blues? No and no. How about a mix of all five? Now we’re talking!

Introducing Manassas second record Down The Road.

I picked up this record shortly after seeing Stephen Stills in what was probably the oddest concert venue I’ve been at.

It was in 1991 or 1992 and I was stationed in Colorado Springs. There was a Triple-A baseball team there in affiliation with the Milwaukee Brewers…the Sky Sox!

One weekend they played a daytime double-header. It was also hat day, so we all got free baseball caps and the entertainment between games was billed as Stephen Stills. Sure enough after the first game the teams left the field and they pulled what appeared to be a semi trailer out onto the field, just beyond second base. They ran a few extension cords out to it and pulled a tarp out of the way on the side and opened the access gate for the hundred or so of us that were interested.

The next thing I know I’m standing on the second base bag and Stephen Stills walks out on the semi trailer/stage, plugs in an acoustic guitar and plays a killer solo set! It wasn’t a long set, about 45 minutes, but he ended with my favorite Stills tune Treetop Flyer

So, for $12 I got a new hat, a double header and a Stephen Stills show! I’m feeling better already…

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