February 21

Spokane has some great events… probably the best know event is Bloomsday, or the “Lilac Bloomsday Run”. First held in 1977 with just over 1000 runners, the event now hosts over 60000 entrants on the first Sunday in May, one of the largest timed races in the country. Spokane also boasts the “biggest 3-on-3 street basketball tournament on the planet”, Hoopfest, with over 7000 teams participating. From our Chamber of Commerce:  “Sports fans, art lovers, wine enthusiasts, outdoorsman and more flock to the Spokane region for phenomenal events. From Broadway shows and national artists touring the country to the highly acclaimed Farm Chicks and Custer’s Antique and Collectibles shows, the Spokane region serves as the ideal host for special events.”

My favorite event took place this weekend, the Spokane Public Radio 2015 Recordings & Videos Sale.


All year long Spokane Public Radio collects all kinds of media and equipment to be sold off in one weekend in February. 10s of thousands of records, CDs, cassettes, VHS and DVD, all donated, are sold for $3 (records) or $4 (CDs) to a crowd of collectors that travel miles to take part.

To boot, there’s a silent auction of donated stereo equipment… receivers, turntables, reel-to-reels, speakers, you name it!


The media is fairly broken out into categories… pop/rock, classical, jazz/blues, easy listening, opera, folk and new age/world for the music.  This year there were eight 8 foot folding tables filled with rock/pop records (the 2nd row from the right in this photo):


It was a bit of a battle to dig through these boxes, shoulder to shoulder with other diggers. Some people take this thing really seriously, and I saw many people with crates of records researching hundreds of records with online tools for potential re-sale. One guy even brought a little turntable and some earbuds to grade his records quality before committing to buy:


As for the equipment, there were several Thorens turntables, one Fons, a few Duals and a Grundig. Vintage Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood and Heathkit receivers, and more than one reel-to-reel. I bid on a vintage Philips 4 track… wish me luck!

We (yes my wife is now a digger too) did find a few gems, I’ll be blogging about them soon…

2 thoughts on “February 21

    1. I hope so too, I don’t know of another event like this. It’s a great fundraiser (maybe the most profitable) for our Public Radio Station. Maybe you could plant the idea seed with a local non-profit and get your own going?


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