March 3

The first new record I owned was Boz Skaggs – Silk Degrees.

It was given to me as a gift from a friend of my parents for my birthday in 1976. I’m sure they weren’t fans of the music but just picked the least offensive looking record off the rack. I didn’t care! I. Had. A. Record!!! I loved that thing, and I played it a ton. I also played with it like a toy truck or something and pretty well wrecked it.

In fact, my grungy, beat up, ugly and unplayable copy is still in The Collection… well, kind of. Recently I found a good copy at a thrift store in the jacket for another record (it had Boz Skaggs written on it in magic marker). Then, my cousin brought me yet another copy with scratchy vinyl but a decent jacket. Finally, my original copy had a barely used inner sleeve (go figure).

So, there you have it… my Frankenstein copy of Silk Degrees!

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