March 4

I didn’t set out to buy a  John Entwistle solo record. In fact, I didn’t know such a thing existed. But there it was, 1981s Too Late the Hero.

Mine is a “cut-out”, meaning that it spent some of its life in a record store discount bin. From discount bin to thrift store… this record was un-loved.

I have to admit, I’d never heard any of these songs before, but with guitars by Joe Walsh and drums by Joe Vitale, how could you go wrong?

As expected, the bass work on this record is top notch! Entwistle, who tops many “Best Bassist” lists, displays his unique “treble-y” tone and his many different playing techniques throughout. What I wasn’t expecting was the dark and, at times, funny lyrics… especially on the faux-disco Dancing Master:

I’m the dancing master
I’m gonna teach you to dance…

Disco here, disco there, dance!

Entwistle died of a coke-induced heart attack with a stripper in a Vegas hotel room in 2002, rock and roll til the very end, R.I.P John!

One thought on “March 4

  1. Entwistle did a ton of solo work. He had a solo project called John Entwistle’s Ox (his nickname) and I would guess he had at least five records away from the Who of varying quality. He wrote and performed great stuff on some Who albums.


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