March 8

I thought Ray Parker Jr. and Billy Dee Williams were the same dude.


I guess, in my teenage brain, it was not a huge stretch that Lando Calrissian could be the guy singing the theme from Ghostbusters. I mean, the lyric was sung over the top of the Huey Lewis tune I Want A New Drug anyway, right?

This weekend I went to an estate sale where there was a “Beatles Record Set” up for grabs. After missing out on that I hit the local Goodwill and nabbed a pretty clean copy of the 1982 LP The Other Woman by Ray Parker Jr.

After a quick cleaning I slapped this record on the upstairs turntable for a listen. The album opens with the title track and persists with 7 more R&B/Funk/Soul tunes that I’m pretty sure were all designed to seduce the listener.

Well Billy Ray Dee Parker Jr., I’m all yours…

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