March 9

Dear Rachel, I hope that this letter finds you well. I have great news! I found your pristine vinyl copy of Josh Ritter – So Runs The World Away record! Some ne’er-do-well, whom I’m certain stole this album away from you, donated it to The Hope Center thrift store in Moscow.


I know we were never that close, but I feel like we have a connection that spans the miles and (probably) generations. I too am a Josh Ritter fan and I too have been described as one of the “crazies!”, although, never by anyone as famous as Josh Ritter.


Anyway, I’m sure when you acquired So Runs The World Away it was a package of this vinyl record AND a CD copy of the same. Now, since you obviously clenched this vinyl LP through the entirety of a Josh Ritter show and held it breathlessly afterwards hoping that HE might come, wielding a Sharpie, approach and lay hand upon THIS VERY RECORD, ask your name and make enough chit chat to know that you to are one of the “crazies!”, that you love this record!

Maybe it sat fallow owing to lack of a proper turntable, maybe there was a break-up and the records were divided betwixt forlorn lovers, maybe the car was packed after graduation and there was not one square to spare for this record… all is not lost.

Please reply to this blog with some contact information and I will see this record returned to its rightful owner post haste!

Your friend, Mark

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