March 13

So The Eagles are coming to my little burg:

…and I don’t have any Eagles on vinyl. I did, once. I bought the Hotel California record hot off the presses in 1977(ish), but it didn’t survive.

What I do have, as a pale stand in, is the Don Henley record Building the Perfect Beast:

Turns out that my wife is not much of an Eagles fan, but loves the songs The Boys Of Summer and All She Wants to Do Is Dance.

Will we go to the concert? Maybe, maybe not. Will I crank The Boys Of Summer on the stereo and enjoy the ensuing interpretative dance? Yes! Often!

6 thoughts on “March 13

  1. I have just one Eagles on vinyl: One of these Nights, purchased for the Bernie Leadon instrumental used as the theme music for the original radio series of ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”!
    I wouldn’t go to an Eagles concert. Megabucks for a massively slick show of ‘greatest hits’ that never stray beyond the mainstream. Think of all the interesting (add emphasis) music you could buy for the price of 2 Eagles tickets!!


  2. I’ve seen several of them solo back in the 80’s, but for the amount of cash they ask I’d expect Henley to serve me wine at my very own table while Joe Walsh tries to play violin for the ambiance. You can buy the entire Eagles catalogue (1972-1979) on 180 gram vinyl for less than one ticket.


      1. I actually have lots of Eagles on vinyl, but not Hotel California. That said, Building the Perfect Beast is a great record. Love Boys of Summer, especially the guitar lead played by Heartbreaker, Michael Campbell. Someday I’ll have to write a blog post about why he’s my favorite guitarist.


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