March 18

Discogs Police adventure, take 3… Zenyatta Mondatta.

Their 3rd album was my first. Previously I had relied on mix tapes and MTV but that fall of 1980 I came home with a newly minted Zenyatta Mondatta cassette. I remember thinking how great it sounded on my Funk-o-sonic car stereo!

This album was quite a departure from the other music I owned at the time… Molly Hatchet, AC/DC and the like. The new wave/post punk/reggae with jazzy layers and crazy drum parts opened me up to accepting a broader variety of music.

This vinyl copy from Discogs has me all excited! This version was remastered by a company called Nautilus Recordings.

They produced “SuperDiscs“… half speed masters of original master tapes.

Mine was listed by seller kennyconga as:

Media Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
Sleeve Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)

for a price of $14.99. A note in the listing also said “Vinyl closer to NM. Can only see 1 barely visible mark that has zero effect in playback. Sleeve has minor wear on the binding and corners but is perfectly intact.”

Shipping from Honolulu added another $7.25 for a grand total of $22.24. I figured that since I had such a connection with this record I would go ahead an pop for the extra expense for the SuperDisc.

What a disappointment! The record showed up absolutely filthy, scuffed up and even had some nice mold growing on it! After a thorough delousing it plays with a distracting amount of surface noise.

I contacted the seller, who admitted that he didn’t actually listen to the thing, but was selling it for a friend and took the friend’s word for the condition of the record. He did offer a refund, but with the cost of shipping, that doesn’t make much sense.

So, there you go, the problem with buying records over the interwebs… you got no recourse if you get a dud.

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