March 19

It’s no wonder the first three Police albums sound so similar… they were all either recorded at Surrey Sound, or recorded by Surrey’s Nigel Gray.

Another interesting Wikifact was the first three records were recorded less than £50,000… I wonder how much it cost to record that shitty Robin Thicke Marvin Gaye ripoff record?

Learning that blew me away! Granted, that’s like $225,000 in today-bucks, but still, for the first three Police records?!? Freekin TLC has raised almost twice that (via Kickstarter) for a new record and who really needs a new TLC record?!?

All that austerity came to an end for 1981’s Ghost in the Machine:

This time the band went the whole rock star records album on Caribbean Island route, and it sounds like it! The music on Ghost in the Machine is fleshed out to a fuller and richer sound with more piano, synth and horns and has way more vocal harmony overdubs that its spartan predecessors.

Before today I probably would have counted Ghost in the Machine as my least favorite Police record… but now I’ll have to reconsider. They grouped the hit singles right there at the beginning of side one:

Spirits in the Material World, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, Invisible Sun, boom, boom, boom… then the record seems to shift gears to a more groove driven, almost mantra like, feel that sounds great on vinyl!

The song Demolition Man was just fantastic, as long as I could keep those Grace Jones images out of my head.

Unfortunately, my VG+ copy from Discogs again turned out to have an annoying amount of surface noise detracting from an otherwise blissful experience.

2 thoughts on “March 19

  1. Funny thing about the cost of making records, many bands have done a lot with a lot less. Dire Straits was around 20G’s. Most of the Ramones stuff was in that ball park, while Nirvana’s Bleach was supposed to be $500.00 flat.


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