March 22

Dupli-pick, part two: On the same pick as my last post, but in a totally different thrift store, I found another sought after record, in duplicate… with an added bonus!


Ray Charles ‎1962 Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music and Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music Volume Two… all mono.

Now, I’m no statistician, but I would have guessed the odds of finding a pair of sought after records in a single lot pretty slight, but it happening twice in the same day?

This album is pretty bad ass. I mean, think about it: 1962, pre-civil rights era tensions building, Vietnam, Bay of Pigs and this guy, who’d achieved some significant cross-over success (both commercially and racially) decides to release not one but two albums of the whitest music possible!

Van Morrison, quoted in Rolling Stone’s Immortals issue, summed it up:

“There’s a reason they called Ray Charles “the Genius.” Think of how he reinvented country music in a way that worked for him. He showed there are no limitations, not for someone as good as he is. Whatever Ray Charles does, whatever he touches, he makes it his own. He’s his own genre. It’s all Ray Charles music now.”

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