March 23

Thrift Store Vinyl Record Digging 101…

OK, tell me this hasn’t happened to you…

I recently found a record in a thrift store that I was interested in owning. The album in question was:

Jerry Jeff Walker ‎– A Man Must Carry On

This 1977 two record compilation was to serve as a starting point to get in to other JJW recordings. I dutifully looked over the album cover with care… how frayed were the edges? how pronounced was the wear ring?

Passing those tests, I pulled the vinyl discs and peered at the black… a few surface scuffs, nothing to be too concerned about, I glanced at the labels, no tell-tale spindle marks…

This was a $1.00 record that I was willing to bring home!

After the home-brewed cleaning process, I was putting the newly scrubbed vinyl into fresh record sleeves when I noticed my JJW ‎– A Man Must Carry On record side 1 and 4 was actually “The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” of the movie Car Wash!

Now, if I would’ve found a clean copy of Car Wash at this pick, I would’ve been truly excited! But, now I have a hybrid side 2-3 of JJW and a side 1-4 of Car Wash, you can understand my confusion…


Record digging 101, CHECK YOUR RECORD LABLES!!!!

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