March 24

Traditionally, a person would buy a record because they like at least some of the songs included on it. Maybe they would hear the song on the radio, or hear a copy being played by a friend, and go out buy their own copy.

I bought my copy of The Alan Parsons Project ‎– Eye In The Sky, not because of a single track or top 40 hit, but because of how the thing sounded overall:

I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise that this record sounded so good… Parsons was a studio engineer for George Martin when the Beatles were recording Abbey Road and worked on a number of great sounding classic rock records… most notably Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon.

Anyway, if you’ve never sat down and listened to an Alan Parsons Project record, treat yourself. They don’t necessarily lend themselves to earbuds on the treadmill or car stereo roadtrip, but if you can spare the 40 minutes or so to just sit back and pay attention to the detail contained on the record, you will be happy you did.

PS… be sure and crank the first two songs Sirius and Eye In The Sky up to 11, those two songs comprise one of the best record opening sequences of all time!

Here it is on your crappy computer speakers:

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