March 26

I was underage at a drinking party in 1978. This house had a rocking stereo set up in the living room and an 8-Track of the Joe Walsh record But Seriously, Folks playing on an 8-Track loop.

That song, that novelty song, Life’s Been Good was so popular song, it was everywhere! I’d never heard of the James Gang and didn’t know that Joe Walsh played with the Eagles… I was a drunken oblivious under-aged sponge that just soaked up this awesome music.

I bought the record the next week and recorded it straight to cassette. My once played record still sounds as great today as it did that teen-aged afternoon when I recorded it, but it will never match that warm summer night when I first heard it on 8-Track in a strange front yard full of inebriated teens just trying to figure out the ins and outs of life.

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