March 27

I can’t think of too many other pop/rock albums that are as strong out of the gate as Huey Lewis And The News ‎– Sports.

I think every song on side 1 was a hit…

In mid 1980s you were absolutely inundated with this music, four of its five singles cracked the top 10, the thing was certified Platinum seven times over, MTV couldn’t go 30 minutes without playing a HL&N video and they were touring arenas world wide.

I saw them in 1986 for the Fore tour with the Tower of Power Horn Section, the concert I still attribute most of my hearing loss to.

So, even though they were ramming this music down our collective throats, I can’t say I put up much resistance. I do remember we played Physical Graffiti on the drive to and from the concert… that’s a little resistance I guess.

My copy still sounds great and holds up remarkably well 30+ years on. It’s corny, sure, but it was big, fat and fun and sometimes that is enough.

Remember the movie American Psycho when Christian Bale’s character made Jared Leto’s sit on a newspaper covered floor while he donned a raincoat and killed him with an axe?

He was talkin’ Sports but playin’ Fore… here’s Huey’s response (and payback to Weird Al for I Want A New Duck):

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