March 30

In 1978 AM pop music radio was bloated with Bee Gee/Grease/dying disco/soulless love song/ballad crap, and I loved it! There was also some really interesting music burbling beneath that syrupy sweet AM radio veneer that would occasionally find a fissure to escape from. Most of the time that crack in the AM armor came in the form of an older relative that would turn you on to something different. My cousin Ross and his wife Linda lived in the basement apartment of our house. 10 years older than me they taught me lost of cool grown up stuff, but one of the most memorable was in the music department. They owned a Datsun pickup truck that had a cassette player installed… the first cassette player I ever remember. I’d sit in the driveway pretending I was a race car driver and play music on the cassette. One album that they turned me on to was Slowhand by Eric Clapton. Slowhand was quite a departure from what I was used to. Lay Down Sally was played occasionally, but Cocaine? I thought it was illegal to even mention it, let alone sing about it! My favorite track was The Core, co-written and co-sung by Marcella Levy who went on to form Shakespears Sister

ps…happy birthday E.C.

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