April 1

Recently I was invited to preview the vinyl collection of a couple that was selling out “estate sale” style… dumping it all to go ex-pat in Central America. Cool.

One gem from this sale was a copy of Neil Young – Time Fades Away:

This 1973 live recording was considered sub-standard by Neil himself, and therefore never released on CD. That is vinyl gold!

I’d never heard this record before… my Neil Young vinyl collection consists of Decade (which pointedly excludes tracks from Time Fades Away), Harvest and American Stars ‘n Bars

My first mistake was to try and listen to this record while working out on an elliptical machine. That would negatively bias any sensory experience ala A Clockwork Orange:

Let’s just say I didn’t really enjoy the experience… Anyway, this record is not for me, but I hope it finds a good home.

4 thoughts on “April 1

    1. I remember that post. I thought at the time that it was a beautifully personal, but yet super informative, story. I never thought I run across a copy of this LP, I know it’s highly sought after. I’ll have to try it again, this time no elliptical exercise machine… maybe a nice scotch!

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