April 2

Another score from our recent “estate” sale pick, 1978’s The Rolling Stones album Some Girls:

…the original die cut cover with the pictures of famous women on the inner sleeve.

Here begins my post I’ll refer to as The ’Stones Dilemma. I’ve never been a huge The Rolling Stones fan. I mean, they’re an awesome, influential and important band, don’t get me wrong, but I never really paid them much mind…

My first The Rolling Stones record was Tattoo You, bought mainly because a local high school band I liked played a version of Start Me Up at a HS pep rally my junior year. Since then I’ve owned various record/tape and CD versions of The Rolling Stones records… some of which I still own and some of which are lost to me for various reasons.

I bought a box set of The Rolling Stones early recordings in mono in around 1985 at a Tower Records. It had four or five LPs in the box, which I lent to someone and never saw again. I found a rough copy of Their Satanic Majesties Request with the cool “Lenticular” cover that I traded for in-store-credit. I was given a trashed version of Let It Bleed that someone else was happy to have. I bought Steel Wheels new on CD on the day it was released. I own Hot Rocks 1964–1971.

So, the dilemma is: Do I keep Some Girls and try to amass the entire The Rolling Stones discography? Or, do I trade Some Girls in for store credit?

My The ’Stones Dilemma could apply to any other band. Once you get an album (or three) from an artist, if you come across another LP from that artist, do you buy it?

Take Willie Nelson. I love Willie, but he’s got, like, 100 records! Do I try to complete my collection of Willie?

And, the cost! My gosh the interwebs are proud of their The Rolling Stones records! Even if I could find all of The Rolling Stones records, I’m not sure I could afford them. People that try are what fellow blogger Kevin Smyth (https://tailsfromthesouthsound.wordpress.com/) calls “completists”. I guess what I am is an “attainable completist”; I’ll try and become an expert owner of all of Band X’s music if I: A. Like it and B. Have a chance in hell of owning it.

I’m working towards completist status for the Alan Parsons Project, Steely Dan and Islay Scotch.

2 thoughts on “April 2

  1. Mark, I’d keep it. There are definitely better, more important Rolling Stones albums, but Some Girls was seen as a return to relevance by the band. Tattoo You is a great record, and Steel Wheels has its moments, but is anything after that wort your time. Stones have an enormous discography. Why not pick and choose what you like? When you say completist, are we speaking the same language-one good copy of each record. Or are you thinking all the various issues of each record?


    1. I just picked up a few early RS records. I’m still on the fence whether to keep them or trade them over to a fan who would really enjoy them. As for the word “completist”… for me, I’m looking for a copy of each studio or “official” release of each record. I’ve spent way too much money on Beatles interview-type records, it’s just never ending! I’ll never be able to find every Beatles record, but I can (and will) get a good copy of each of their (US) studio records.


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