April 4

One odd feature of our recent “estate” sale pick was the stack of awesome vinyl lying there like a stack of pancakes; sleeveless, jacketless and sad.

Beatles, Stones and Kinks records, dusty and scratched making that awful naked vinyl on vinyl noise when lifted into the light. “It’s a shame” said my host, “I have no idea where the covers are for those records.”

A shame indeed.

One sleeved but coverless refugee was lurking deeper in the shadows, a copy of 1971’s Master of Reality from Black Sabbath:

Careful readers might remember this album was one of the warped records I unsuccessfully tried to flatten using heat and pressure:


My old copy of Master of Reality was “dished”… it was warped kind of like a dinner plate. To boot it had spent many of its days on a record drop player and was terribly scraped and scratched. I did manage to get one spin out of it, but it was too far gone to be playable… but the jacket was in good condition. I figured I could mate this new record with my old jacket to make one whole record!

One problem, I had already traded the warped record (and jacket) off to the local record store! So, when my wife asked if I wanted to hit some thrift stores today I brought my new copy of Master along, I figured we could swing by the record store and see if my trade in was still there.

Luckily the owner had squirreled away the dished copy hoping to find a good LP for the good jacket. We celebrated the new marriage by giving the record an in store spin!

What a great record! I love early Black Sabbath and the sound of Master of Reality on those in store speakers was a treat. My wife was giving me some side-eye for trading it in in the first place, but even this copy was too scratchy to keep in the Collection.

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