April 5

I first heard John Prine’s Diamonds in the Rough in a stranger’s basement.

It was during our “estate” sale pick… we had awkwardly arrived at late one Saturday morning, accompanied by a friend of the family, to preview the records at this sale.

Now, I don’t know about you, but the last thing I want to do on my Saturday morning is entertain strangers who are pawing through my record collection… but this couple kindly did just that. “Pick a record.” my host ordered, Diamonds in the Rough was on top of the first stack. “That is one of my favorites.” he said and dropped it on his turntable.

I’m familiar with Jon Prine’s eponymous first album, and I have a copy of the Great Days anthology on CD (which contains several songs from Diamonds in the Rough), but had never heard the whole album. My host pulled another Prine record out of the pile, 1978’s Bruised Orange. “Your gonna want this one too.” he said.

Yup, most likely.

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