April 7

Once upon a time in a quaint and quiet village there was a young lad of only twelve winters. This lad had a magic box that, when opened, would spread joy over the land.

But the lad had a secret… late at night, when the lords and ladies of the realm were fast asleep, the lad would latch a sturdy door and praise the magic box. He found that if the box was opened just a little, what delightful stories the box would tell!

And so it was, night on night, that light and noise from a far away kingdom came to the quaint and quiet village through the magic box.

But the stories the box told on the Sabbath eve were different. Sabbath eve stories told by the box were raw and biting and most were beyond the lad’s grasp, but the noises!

The noises from the far away kingdom were like nothing the lad had heard, angry and beautiful in a way that the noises from other boxes weren’t. The stories that accompanied these noises were mostly foreign, but exciting in a way that shook the lad to his very soul!

One of the noise stories that rooted in the lad’s mind was when a gallant Knight with a King’s name rode forth and thumbed the eye of his master. The Knight was hailed as champion but awoke the wrath of the ogre and was banished from the far away kingdom for a score of winters.

Here’s a capturment of that sound story:

The Knight with a King’s name told forth “How can it be so that my actions were unjust when the Gods themselves acted so? Here, look, see the Gods Over All that inspired me!”:

The Knight with a King’s name went on to great fortune made by selling his noises. The lad grew to love these noises and has owned many of them on silver platter. Most recently the lad came to own two of these noises on black plastic, 1983’s Punch The Clock and a still sealed copy of 1980’s Get Happy!

They all lived happily ever after when the ogre forgave the Knight with a King’s name. The Knight with a King’s name even got the chance to act the fool on the ogre’s silver anniversary:

The end.

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