April 9

Today I continue my quest to find a jazz fusion record I actually like. I present to you my thrift store version of Mysterious Traveller by Weather Report:

I first put this record on at low volume in the evening as my wife was coming home from work. Two steps in the door and she’s turning the volume down with the declaration “I have to listen to noise all day at work, I don’t want to listen to it at home too!”

Strike 1.

The next day, home alone, I decide to crank it up and give it a good listen! On the first note of the opening track Nubian Sundance the cat just about jumps out of her skin, gets all puffed up and goes to hide under the bed!

Strike 2.

Geez, everyone’s a critic! Maybe I’ll shelve this one while it’s behind in the count and wait for a more opportune time to give it a listen…

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