April 10

For my 100th day of this blog I thought it would be appropriate to talk about one of the first records I ever bought on my own, The Beach Boys Endless Summer:

I wish I was that kid whose first record purchase was something cool… a Led Zeppelin record or The Ramones first album, maybe… something edgy and inspired.

I wish I was the cool kid who took the subway to Times Square Records and bought a bootleg of my favorite band or the kid that took the bus to the Tower Records on the Sunset Strip.

I wasn’t that kid. I rode my BMX bike to the Marketime Drug Store 3 blocks from my small town suburban house.

This was 1975. The record rack at Marketime was small, but Blood On The Tracks had to be nearby, or Wish You Were Here. But I gravitated towards the rack of leftovers and settled on Endless Summer.

I can’t remember why. Double album = double value? Safely known vs. dangerous unknown? This was the the era of the Columbia Record & Tape Club advertising insert. I would pour over those inserts and carefully pick my 10 (or was it 13? 11?) albums week after week, knowing that my parents would skin me alive if I actually committed to those club terms.

I know I saw Endless Summer advertised in that insert, and I remember thinking the album cover was cool! Maybe that was it?

I remember having a wadded up $5 bill that I got for mowing someone’s lawn, so the thing cost less that that, but I left the store with some pennies in my pocket and a record under my arm.

It’s hard to ride a bicycle with a record under your arm.

The funny thing is I don’t really remember playing the thing much. Maybe I was underwhelmed at the content? Maybe my first buy and my first buyers remorse happened simultaneously?

Anyway, water under the bridge. That record still exists. It’s in the Collection, beat up and scratchy but playable (now that I’ve washed all the grime off of it) and listening to it still doesn’t do anything for me.

But holding it under my arm for a while… now were talking!

5 thoughts on “April 10

  1. This was my first Beach Boys album – never could really get into those cars and girls ditties. But this was where I first heard ‘Vegetables’, a wonderfully deranged mini-song that allegedly has Paul McCartney munching a carrot!


  2. Very entertaining and varied blog! My first album bought with money from my paper round was Electric Warrior by T Rex – love it to this day!


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