April 11

I hate to tell you this way Joan Baez, but I’ve decided to move on. I really think it would be best if we started listening to other people.

I understand you are one of the most beloved singer/songwriter/interpreters in the world with legions of fans and admirers; I know you were an important force behind the civil rights movement; I get it, no Joan Baez, no Bob Dylan.

You are a really great person. I admire your commitment human rights issues, the environment, non-violence and poverty… I buy what you are selling, I really do.

It’s not you, it’s me.

It’s just that, stylistically, we’re just not a good fit. Not that you don’t have a beautiful voice! You do! You do! It’s just not my cup-a-tea.


To me it’s just… overdone in a measured way, the same way I can’t stand those over-acted black and white movies where famous stage actors are still projecting to the back of the room. It’s just too… produced? Too… perfect!

I don’t know. And it really doesn’t make sense, I’m a sucker for female singer/songwriters… I went to Lilith Fair, for crissake!

Not that I want to start listening to them instead of you, no! It’s not like that at all!

So, even though we’ve been together for 30 years I’ll be trading in my copy of 1968s’ collection of Dylan tunes, Any Day Now, for record store credit:

I hope we can still be friends?


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