April  13

Albums I should keep and albums I should pass along. That is the quandary I find myself in today. For instance, I have vinyl copies of Volunteer Jam I and Volunteer Jam III & IV… what happened to Volunteer Jam II and Volunteer Jam V plus I have no idea.

This is a fairly predictable set of live recordings from a mostly southern rock lineup. Unlike “Farm Aid”, Volunteer Jam doesn’t seem to have had a point, a cause or a case to begin with… just an excuse to “Get loud, be proud” and whoop it up for a weekend.

Not that I’m against that, mind you!

Since then, the event has served a s a fundraiser… most recently for “The Journey Home Project”, a non-profit Daniels co-founded to help Veterans of the United States Armed Forces, and The Predators Foundation, which is devoted to funneling the excitement of professional sports towards the needs of this community.” whatever that means.


VJI, a single album is all CDB on side one and all “special guests” on side two. VJIII and VJIV (a double album set) includes a surprise appearance by Wet Willie singing Street Corner Serenade on side two:

… and a whole album side (side 3) of Willie Nelson, including an awesome medley of Funny How Time Slips Away, Crazy and Night Life.

All in all, not bad, but not great. Just the kind of thing I’m trying to cull out of the Collection.

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