April 16

Sometimes there’s nothing more satisfying than a good ol’ fashioned dumb rock record. Nothing to deep to think about, a few memories to reminisce about, a sing along or two.

I mean, these records were popular in their day for a reason, right? Catchy tunes, good hooks… you’re not always looking for a challenge, sometimes you just want to go with the flow.

Sometimes you want a good, complex IPA… sometimes a Rainier.

We recently picked up a used but clean copy of Rebel Yell from William Michael Albert Broad, aka Billy Idol (thanks Wikipedia).

I didn’t know Generation X… my first encounter with Billy Idol was MTV and White Wedding. He was mostly sneer, with some spiked hair and leather thrown in for good measure. The band was tailor made for video and I remember being more impressed with guitarist Steve Stevens than with Idol himself.

We listened to Rebel Yell a couple of times one evening, we sang, we danced, we mostly ignored it… just what the doctor ordered.

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