April 23

Today’s re-discovery was Billboard’s “Female Entertainer of the Century”, Diana Ross, and her group The Supremes.

According to Wikipedia, Ross has sold more than 100 million records worldwide…

And I have one of them:

Mine is an ’80s re-issue and the only non-soundtrack record I have on the Motown label. It still sounds great, mostly due to the fact that it has spent most of its life not being played. Let’s rectify that injustice…

Where Did Our Love Go had three Holland/Dozier/Holland penned #1 singles on its side A; Where Did Our Love Go, Baby Love and Come See About Me, being about the only group in the U.S. that rivaled The Beatles for territory atop the charts at the time.

Side B standouts include the Smokey Robinson tune A Breathtaking Guy and another HDH great Standing at the Crossroads of Love.

Where Did Our Love Go is 31 minutes of joyful noise. Today it is even be good enough to make me forgive Ross for The Wiz!

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