April 28

The next gem from my recent funk/soul score: Dr. John ‎– Desitively Bonnaroo:

The album really catches you eye with it’s silver card stock jacket. The tunes, most written by the singer, are pure funk New Orleans rhythm and blues psychedelica… all invented several albums before by Dr. John, aka Mac Rebennack.

Funny, he had to get out of New Orleans to invent the New Orleans sound I associate with New Orleans.

Anyway, this album again features Dr. John, backed by The Meters and produced by Allen Toussaint building on his previous record, the mega-hit In the Right Place, but failed to produce the same amount of enthusiasm.

It’s a good album and a heck of a lot of fun to listen to loud (sorry honey). If you get a chance, pay particular attention to the backing band and backup singers… delicious gumbo voodoo!

3 thoughts on “April 28

  1. I have a real thing for shiny silver and gold LP covers, I may have been raised by magpies after being involved in a plane crash as a baby. I only know ‘Right time, Wrong place’ by the Meters/John and I absolutely love that.


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