April 30

I’m from the Northwest, specifically the Inland Northwest region of the U.S.A. This region is defined and delineated by the Cascade Mountain range to the west and the Rocky Mountain range to the east. Much like many sports fans, we tend to glom on to regional or national acts that make it big but are still “from here”.

Jimi Hendrix? From Seattle. Heart? Seattle. Grunge? Nationally from Neil Young but adopted and popularized by Seattle.

It’s a weird pride issue. Older friends and siblings would vehemently defend the roots of popular songs as “that’s just a Sonics cover” or “I remember The Wailers version” or “The Ventures did that first”…

The “Big Bang” of regional pride was at the Pypo Club in Seaside, Oregon… a combo all ages dance hall and roller skating rink, where Portland, Oregon’s The Kingsmen were playing. During band breaks and the day after, when the band was loading out, the kids at the venue were playing a song, a B-Side no less, on the jukebox by Richard Berry (not related to Chuck). The song, Louie, Louie, got a huge response from the attendant crowd and someone from the band thought it might be a good idea to record it.

The rest, as they say, is history. Never underestimate the power of a B-Side.

I have a copy of The Best Of Louie, Louie from 1983 (Rhino Records (RNEP 605))


…a whole album of Louie, Louie… from the original to covers by Rice University Marching Owl Band and Black Flag, this song is cool and this album is cool too!

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