May 2

I’ve been a bit distracted lately. We’ve been getting ready to host a party, a “2nd Chance Prom” for our friends.

2nd chance prom

We host these types of events in our 30’ by 40’ outbuilding known regionally as a “shop”. Others might call it a barn, a storage building or a warehouse… it’s just a big open building where we keep all of our junk… tools, Christmas decorations, whatever.

It’s pretty great; you just move everything to the sides, throw up a few decorations, mix up some cocktails and play music so people can dance. The distinction between my shop and the typical shop from the area is the sound system.

As a former sound guy for small concerts and regional bands, I have a few PA pieces hanging around. Some amps, effects, CD players and mixer. As part of my 365 Days of Vinyl I just added my old JVC QL9 direct drive turntable and Grado cartridge to the main rig:


The whole thing is 1400 (bridged) watts of power thrown at two Black Widow 18” subs:


And 500 watts into four JBL “mains”


All in I was able to achieve 110 dB through the TT with little feedback issues; 115 dB via CD.

We had a sherbet punch spiked with Everclear, I was wearing a burgundy tux, I played bad ‘80s vinyl records (including K-Tel) and a good time was had by all!

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